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When two bands fuse together, magic happens. Kitfox formed over 2 years ago and are already making waves. They’ve played all around Utah and have recently released a brand new album this year. Their single “Misery” was featured on an episode of the ABC show ‘Blood and Oil.’  This interview is with Emilee Holgate, the leading lady for the band giving me a glimpse into the successes and new things coming for Kitfox.


NTDIL: Let’s get some background information on you. What instruments do you play?

EH: I sing and play the guitar. 

NTDIL: What made you want to start writing music? Are you doing school or is this the career path that you want to take?

EH: Yeah, school is the back up plan actually! My family is pretty musical, so this just feels more natural. Writing music is what I want to do with my life! But, it is pretty hard making money doing art.


Source: Kitfox Facebook

NTDIL: That’s true. So tell me about the band. How did you guys come together?

EH: I used to be in a different group actually, it was a duo with my cousin. We were playing at a farmer’s market in Paradise, Utah. There was a band called Bronze Museum that showed up thinking it was their night to play. A while later we actually saw them again at a venue called Velour in Provo, Utah. We were playing open mic and saw them again! We all became friends and that’s when I slowly began stealing them one-by-one. 

NTDIL: Two bands mixing together, that’s cool! Pretty coincidental that you see them again at an entirely different venue in a different city!

EH: Yeah! Well, that weekend, the owner at Velour created a line up from open mic night. Bronze Museum was headlining and we were opening for them. So it must have been good fate!

NTDIL: Where does the name Kitfox come from?

Source: Kitfox Facebook

Source: Kitfox Facebook

EH: It’s actually an endangered species of fox. I’m from California and they are native to the area. I used to them chase them around when I was a little kid.

NTDIL: (laughs) That’s so cute!

EH: Yeah, they’re pretty cool!

NTDIL: So, what are some of the musical influences you guys have? What’s your sound?

EH: I can’t speak for the whole band, but there has been some that we’ve all talked about. Bands like Paper Kites, we went and saw them together in Virginia and we all thought, this is the inspiration! We also like Daughter and Band of Horses.

NTDIL: How long have you guys been together then?

EH: It’s been about 2 years! We’ve done an EP and a full length album together. 

NTDIL: What’s been the biggest challenge that you guys have had to overcome as a band?

EH: The thing that has probably been the biggest challenge is that we all live in different places. They live in Salt Lake and we live here. So, that’s kind of hard. It’s a lot of travel time and staying committed when you have to devote an entire day to traveling. We’ve always been like that though. We were together in Logan for 6 months, but then I moved to Provo and they were here, so that’s been the most challenging.

Source: Kitfox Facebook

Source: Kitfox Facebook

NTDIL: So does that mean you only practice maybe once a week together?

EH: Yeah, we usually try to practice at least once or twice together a week.

NTDIL: Plus, this new album called ‘To Keep You Company’ it’s actually out on iTunes and Spotify. Tell me what that was like, what was the process?

EH: We first started recording in Nashville and then we recorded some here in town. We’ve just been working on it for a year straight. We’ve been scrambling to get everything ready for the release, so it was just non stop. It’s quite the process!

NTDIL: That’s crazy. Well, congrats on the release of the new album this past week! What else can we expect for the future of Kitfox? Any goals or dreams that you could share with us?

EH: I can really only speak for myself. My goal is to keep writing music and keep creating new content. After this album release, I want to immediately start writing another album. I feel like that helps the band progress, by continually creating new content. Hopefully next year we can create another album! We also want to do a tour! We haven’t played much out of Utah so we’d really like to do that!


Thanks again to Kitfox for the interview! Good luck to you guys!

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