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September Say Goodbye has played multiple shows all over Utah and can be heard on practically all platforms. They’ve undergone members changing and recording interruptions but have managed to create their first full length album ‘Some Beginnings End’ that released in 2015. The perfect blend of rock and punk music (the kind of music you listen to with the windows down). We were able to ask a few questions with some of the members and here were their responses.


NTDIL: Can you tell us a brief history about your band? How did you get together? How long have you been together?

Colin: We have been together roughly 4 years I suppose. Originally it started as Rachel and I as an acoustic act and we added Zack after that to sing as well. Eventually we added a bassist and drummer, neither of which are

Photo: September Say Goodbye Facebook

Photo: September Say Goodbye Facebook

with us now. We’ve gone through a few drummers and guitarists to reach the current point of our band.

Rachel : Colin and I started just playing acoustically about 6 years ago, we had a friend who played bass and we played one show in his parents restaurant from there people started asking us to play shows and slowly we put together the full line up.

NTDIL: How did you come up with September Say Goodbye as your band name?

Colin: It was a last minute decision based on the alliteration of the words sounding good together. We had a different name before and wanted to change it, this is what we came up with.

Rachel: No great story, I wanted something with “say goodbye” in it and I liked alliteration

NTDIL: How do you feel like you’ve grown since you first started? What’s different from the past comparing to now?

Colin: We are all a lot better musically. Our sound was very basic near the beginning and we have evolved a lot since then.

Rachel: Well, we started as an acoustic project with very little intention of ever actually playing shows and now we have a full band. I think each and every one of us has gotten better at our particular instruments, we have all progressed and our music has progressed.

NTDIL: Who are some of your musical and non-musical influences?

September Say Goodbye (1)

Photo: September Say Goodbye Facebook

Colin: For me personally my biggest musical influence is Paramore. A lot of the guitar riffs I write are very similar to what they do and I love Hayley’s voice. Her lyrics are also a huge factor in a lot of lyrics I write. I like the question of non-musical influences as well. We’ve all been through life and a lot of our lyrics speak to that, whether it be relationships, loss, or any number of things one will go through.

Rachel: I love Dave Grohl, Jimmy Eat World, my non-musical influences are probably my whole family, my brothers are the reason I love music so much because they would take me to their shows (they used to promote shows locally). One of the first real shows I ever went to was 311 when I was 14 and it was awesome!

Suzy: Nirvana and Led Zeppelin were my biggest musical influences growing up.

NTDIL: What’s your biggest obstacle that you have overcome as a band?

Colin: I personally feel like our biggest obstacle has been finding the right people to be in the band. We’ve had a lot of talented musicians play with us, but I think in the end they were not as invested as us. I think everyone needs to care about the project for it to really succeed.

Rachel: Musical differences, band members moving away

NTDIL: What’s one of your greatest accomplishments as a band? A moment that you were really proud of.

Some beginnings end

Photo: September Say Goodbye Facebook

Colin: The release of our CD Some Beginnings End. That CD is the culmination of years and years of hard work. I love the way it sounds, I love the show we played when we released it, I love the artwork and photography on it, I love the story it tells. I honestly listen to it often, and not because its my music, but because I actually enjoy the sound. I think it is a very well done CD.

Rachel: I am extremely proud of our album and the music we wrote together.

NTDIL: What advice would you give to bands just getting on their feet?

Colin: Despite what you may think, you don’t and shouldn’t play every show you are offered. We have played some bad shows with no real benefit that have left a sour taste in our mouths. Shows like that make it hard to want to keep going. I’m not saying every show will be perfect, but make sure to research the opportunities you are given.

Rachel: Play as many shows as possible, always treat every band with respect and kindness, and always watch their sets! You will build relationships and make opportunities

Suzy: Just do what you do and be you.

NTDIL: What’s next for September Say Goodbye? Any goals and dreams you could share with us? Any upcoming shows?

Colin: We are currently looking for a new bassist as we recently parted ways with our original one. I think once we have a new bassist we will start scheduling shows again. We are also writing new material, a lot of which is coming from our new guitarist Brady, and a lot of which is coming from me. I think writing new things this time around has been a lot easier and I look forward to see what we can come up with.

Rachel: Shows coming up in the summer and hopefully a new ep later this year! Don’t know what the long term goals are yet, but the dream is always to go on tour and somehow make music a career!

Connect with the Band!

Website | Facebook | YouTube | SoundCloud

Rachel Quillen- Vocals

Zack Garner – Vocals

Suzy Rashid – Drums

Colin Geslin – Guitar

Brady Martin – Guitar

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